The Stonewall Gives Back Initiative CEO and Co-Founder, Stacy Lentz spoke at the Gulf Coast Equality Fest

The Stonewall Gives Back Initiative President and CEO/Co-Founder Stacy Lentz spoke and participated in workshops at the Gulf Coast Equality Fest in Biloxi, Mississippi As part of her keynote, she emphasised to a gathering that numbered in the hundreds, the importance of spreading awareness of the challenges facing LGBTQ communities throughout much of the United States and throughout the rest of the world. She addressed the fact that many regions of the nation still don’t enjoy the degree of acceptance the LGBTQ community has achieivd over the last fifty years in places like New York City and other major metropolitan areas. She said, “Diversity and equality hasn’t quite arrived down here yet, so we’re very lucky to have what we have in New York.” She then went on to note that at The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, the mission is to spread the legacy and the lessons of the Stonewall Uprising in the deep south and many other regions of the nation and abroad. where acceptance and equally has not yet been fully realized.

Gulf Coast Equality Fest is a project of The Gulf Coast Equality Council partnering with Harrah’s and The Scarlet Pearl in Biloxi. Funds raised will go toward opening a community center to provide outreach and services to the LGBTQ community.The goal is to raise funds to help build a LGBTQ center in that part of the Deep South.

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Bob Kelly