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Zarra Barre, Writer and Talk Show Host                                                               

Director - Zara Barrie is a professional writer and talk show host. She is the former senior sex & dating writer at Elite Daily, where she founded their first ever "queer culture" vertical. She's the host of the queer-focused talk show "Love Is The Drug: Navigating Sex, Love and Mental Illness with Zara," writes and stars in the Elite Daily web series "Lez Get You Laid" and hosts a live-stream dating show, "Blind Folded Blind Date." She currently writes across all verticals for Elite Daily and also writes a weekly lesbian love and relationships column for Go Magazine. Her work rawly examines the issues of sexuality, style, fashion, voice, love, queer identity and culture and has been featured on The View, The Real, Sex With Emily, The Huffington Post and Cosmo. In her spare time she works as a theatre director for high-risk teens, speaks on panels and engages in community-based activist work. She identifies as a "mascara lesbian" and is currently working on her first book of personal essays.