H.L. Ray, Head of Partnerships and Programming at Samsung 837 

"If you are dissatisfied with the way things are,
then you have got to resolve to change them."
-Barbara Jordan                                                                  


H.L. was born in Mississippi, raised in Alabama and home is now in NYC. He is a committed activist for gay rights and also aspires to be an ally to underrepresented groups, including trans people, women and racial minorities.    

Professionally, H.L works in strategic business development, known for leading creative and sustainable marketing initiatives driven by innovative partnerships.  He currently serves as Head of Partnerships and Programming at Samsung 837, where he has focused on bringing a new marketing playbook to life.  Prior to joining Samsung, H.L. served as the Senior Director of Business Development at the luxury e-commerce company, Gilt Groupe. There, he developed partnerships and leveraged relationships to position Gilt as a content and lifestyle destination. H.L. has worked with brands including (RED), HP, Stella Artois, Mastercard, Lululemon and talent including Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Gloria Estefan, Lily Aldridge, Mindy Kaling, Gwen Stefani and Enrique Iglesias.