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Kurt Kelly, Co-Owner of The Stonewall Inn  

Advisor, Co-Founder - Kurt Kelly is an owner of the Stonewall Inn and a co-founder of the Stonewall Inn Gives back Initiative. Kurt has over thirty-five years experience in the New York City nightlife and bar business.  When Kurt first took ownership of The Stonewall Inn he certainly was aware of its incredible legacy but had no idea it would one day become the first LBGTQ National Monument. The history of The Stonewall Inn was a responsibility he took very seriously and he was recently reminded just how important it was to the LBGTQ community today when it became the epicenter of celebration the day Marriage Equality came into law across the Untied States.  Today, Kelly is responsible for the day to day operations of the iconic bar and he has used his background in the arts and creativity to keep the historic landmark constantly entertaining to the customers that come to visit from around the world.  The Stonewall Inn and it’s continuing impact on the community moved Kelly to tears when it offered a Vigil for the Pulse shooting victims.  Kelly said he had become accustomed to seeing people congregate at The Stonewall to celebrate victories in the LGBT movement, but seeing thousands gathering to mourn after the Pulse nightclub shooting was an incredible reminder that The Stonewall Inn is the mega church where the community gathers in both good and bad times and Kelly says he couldn't be more proud to keep that legacy alive.