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Scott D. Harris, Office of Naval Research

Director - Mr. Harris is the Director of Corporate Strategic Communications for the Office of Naval Research and senior communications advisor to the Chief of Naval Research regarding naval science and technology. 

With more than two decades of leadership experience, he is a highly regarded thought leader on the planning, development, coordination and implementation of strategic communications for the U.S. Department of Defense. 

Most recently, he served as the first U.S. strategic communications advisor to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense on highly sensitive and complex issues relating to military-political decisions during the post annexation of Crimea. 

Harris’ distinguished assignments include: Politico-Military Assessment Division of the Joint Staff where he provided communications counsel for military exercises involving Russia and Ukraine; U.S. Space Command during challenges presented by the “Y2K bug” where Harris along with Russian officials, stood-up an international Joint Operations Center at the North American Aerospace Defense Command; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers where strategic communications leadership played a vital role in the safety and security of U.S. forces in Iraq; Department of Defense’s Civil Military Emergency Preparedness trainer and U.S. Delegate to Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Estonia where his subject-matter-expertise in crisis communications helped to prepare senior leaders for civil emergencies.

Other notable assignments held by Harris include U.S. Geological Survey as the Communication Chief the during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as crisis communications coordinator in response to the bombing of New York City’s Times Square, US Airways crash into the Hudson River and Hurricane Sandy devastating impacts in the Eastern United States. 

Harris served as a U.S. naval officer on board nuclear submarines and an aircraft carrier with deployments to the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. 

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication at the University of Nebraska and a Masters in Communication at the University of Oklahoma.